Don’t you like, want to be well forever?

Forget about the great pop rock song that begged the question who wants to live forever. Others are still asking the question who wants to be a millionaire. This is what gets them up in the morning and they are quite entitled to it. But if it keeps them up at night then they too need to do a personal introspection. Because that’s not really healthy, is it. Whether you foresee peace of mind with money or other non-material aspects of life, the great pursuit of happiness does begin with striving to be well. To be well, of course, means being happy.

In order to be utterly happy, not perfectly so because that’s not humanly possible, one needs to focus on three things, not two. One needs to focus on body, mind and soul. The soul is actually quite important, and we’ll get to that in a second. But let’s start practically with the body. A healthy body sets us up with a healthy mind. And a healthy mind does improve the chances of being wholesomely happy. But not entirely. There are many who choose not to believe and that’s their right, but just ask them to disprove the notion that everyone has a soul.

Subjectively speaking, to bring wellness to the soul could mean addressing one’s spiritual life. This does not necessarily mean that you must now become a religious zealot, others will say, a religious nut. That has already proven to be unwholesome and essentially unedifying. Making peace with your own personal surroundings and seeking out harmony rather than conflict can set you up on the spiritual path towards being well. One you get to that point, do not think that its mission accomplished. It’s a lifelong journey.