Celebrity Net Worth as Applied to Comedians

Because I love standup comedy so much, I often find myself looking into the personal lives of all of my favorite comedians.  Standup comedy itself is not something that is all that lucrative, as most standup comedians find themselves having to go on tour for most of the year in order to pay the bills.  However, there are certain standup comedians who have been able to also become actors, whether in television or movies, and that has helped them to earn a whole lot more money.  You never know which comedians have earned the most money, however, and that is why I find it so interesting to read about celebrity net worth.  When you read about the net worth of certain comedians, you will find that the ones who have made the most money over their careers are the ones who have been able to boost their acting careers through things like sitcoms and comedy movies.

    Of course, many times when a standup comedian begins an acting career, they also tend to stop doing standup simply because it is a much more draining way to earn a living.  That does not mean, however, that all comedians who have started acting careers have given up on standup comedy completely.  In fact, there are a number of comedians out there who have become successful comedic actors and have also continued to do standup comedy because they enjoy it so much.  When all is said and done, standup comedy is the best way for a comedian to be able to express his or her comedy to their given audience because the entire act is written by them, whereas a movie or a sitcom will likely have teams of writers that are working on the show or the film.

celebrity net worth

    Not all standup comedians grow their wealth just through acting, however.  Joe Rogan is an example of a standup comedian who was on a sitcom early in his career, but has now expanded his business ventures through a very successful podcast.  Rogan has taken advantage of the internet age and has used it to grow his own brand and make himself a household name.  While he does long podcasts nearly on a daily basis, he also still does standup from time to time in order to please himself and his fans.  It is also interesting to note that while his podcast addresses a number of different topics, some of the most entertaining podcasts he has ever done are the ones in which he has other standup comedians on as guests.

    If find this all to be intriguing, as it shows that entertainers who have a certain specialty are also able to branch out in order to expand their endeavors, increase their audience, and ultimately grow their own wealth.  There are many comedians who are great examples of this, and you can find most of them on lists of the most wealthy celebrities if you look at them on the internet.