Learn About Flamelez

Are you curious about the different types of lighters that you could buy? If you are the type of person who loves to learn about new types of lighters, we think the Flamelez site is something that will interest you a lot. Of all the sites that are on the internet, this is one that is geared towards those who are enthusiastic about various types of lighters. Not only do they explain how different types of lighters work, but they can give you proper recommendations about the ones you may want to buy.

Ultimately, the decision on what type of lighter you are going to get will lie with you. It is up to you to figure out and commit to a purchase, but sites like these can help. So the question is, what type of lighter is unique and can offer you something new? There are not too many that are on the list, which is why we figured that we would talk about the Tesla coil lighters and how they work. These are the exciting new lighters that we think you are going to want to try. We think these lighters will excite you in a very real way.

If you are in the mood to buy a new type of lighter, getting the electronic Tesla lighter is a terrific idea. If you have never seen how these work, we can explain it now. It is an electric system, and at the end you have these coils that are in place to create a flame. However, it is not a flame in the same way as you would get from a regular lighter. It is more of a charge that takes the shape of an X, which is what generates the heat that you need to light something.


Whether you are lighting a piece of wood or a cloth or your cigarette, you will simply put it in that spot between the coils and you will start the lighter. Within seconds, your item is lit and you are good to go. And if your lighter is properly charged, this thing is going to work in any weather conditions. Whether it is bright and sunny, or it is very windy, the lighter will work just fine. You will never have to worry about having issues lighting your cigarette outside, which is sadly always the case with regular lighters.

Another very cool aspect to this lighter is how it looks. We think that is what makes the lighter what it is. It is even more stylish than a Zippo, it is so light, and the flame area looks so cool. So, when you are out and you are lighting up your cigarette, you can show your friends your fancy new lighter. They will be so impressed that they will probably want to buy one that they can use themselves. But this one is all yours. It will last you for ages, and all you will need to do is charge it for a couple of hours after you have lit up close to 200 or 300 cigarettes.