Selecting the Safest Alternative to Animal Gelatin

When sourcing for the safest alternative to gelatin you may come across conflicting report posted online. One of the most popular alternatives is carrageenan, while you may be put off by some of the reports posted online you should not heed them since the people behind them have ulterior motives. The reason for this claim is carrageenan is currently being used in a vast array of food products as a suitable replacement to animal-sourced gelatin. If you have made a conscious decision to move ahead and start using ethical ingredients in your food then you should look for organizations that are producing these safer alternatives to gelatin.

Identifying the Right Manufacturer


The preliminary step is to find out the names of all the companies that are producing these plant-based gelatin replacements. After you have the names of these manufacturers you should try screening each of them individually to make sure that whatever they produce is ethical and of the highest possible quality. To substantiate this quality what you should do is find out how many years the organization has been producing these products, the longer they have been in operation the more favorably you should treat them. Something that you will need to consider is whether the manufacturer has a “Certified Vegan” or “Certified Organic” designation, if they do not have these designations you have to remove the manufacturer from your list.

Even when the manufacturer is on your list you still need to find out who gave them their certification just to make sure you are not dealing with a shady organization. If you are satisfied that the company making the gelatin replacement is suitable you will need to start looking for the merchants that are selling them to the general public.

Getting a Great Deal on Gelatin Replacements

Identify all of the vendors that are selling the specific brand of gelatin replacement you are interested in purchasing. When you have the names of these retailers you will need to start compiling the prices that each of them are going to charge you for a similar amount of product. If you did not conduct this comparison then you run the risk of overpaying so take this step seriously. While comparing the prices you need to factor in the cost to ship the gelatin replacement to your home, the costs associated with shipping do vary and you should find out whether the retailer has an exchange program in the event the shipment is damaged or lost you would not be on the hook to pay extra shipping just to get the gelatin replacement you want. The last thing you will need to do before proceeding with making a buying decision is find out whether the vendor is ethical. If they are not or you have a reason to doubt their legitimacy then it would be smart to move on to the next firm on your list.