Linda Cole Sings at August 31, 2014 Jazz Jam

You won't want to miss this event!

Linda Cole

This month we are so excited to present Ms Linda Cole "The First Lady of Song". Linda has sung professionally since she was 3 years old.  Her family group, "The Singing Coles", are part of Illinois music history. Linda branched out into rhythm and blues appearing with groups such as The Spinners, Count Basie and many others. Linda is acknowledged as having the "smoothest voice" in the business and Linda was there when great songs were written.  She can talk about the authors first hand and has the original scores, many written just for her.  Backing Linda will be Ray Masso on keyboard, Ken Organis on drums and Ed Organis playing bass.

2014 Scholarship Recipients

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2014 SAJS Scholarship Recipients: (L-R) Michael Augustine, Jordan Chasteen (college scholarships), Christian Powers, Don Stockman (SAJS President), Rhys Bennett, Alex Miller (Jazz Band Camps for high school)

On Mother's Day, SAJS presented scholarships to five students. Two were recipients of $2,000 college jazz students. The remaining three received scholarships to Jazz Band Camp. Throughout the year we interviewed, auditioned, invited them to perform for our Jazz Jams, and went to performances they gave in order to make our choices. Rhys has made a few appearances at our Jazz Jams. Click on the MUSICIANS tab at the top and scroll down to read his remarks about the benefits he recieved from going to jazz band camp.



Lee Quick, Lori Gill, Ted Tedesco, Rhys Bennett

If you didn't come to Sunday's Jazz Jam, you missed a ton of fun and exciting entertainment!!! We had a few new faces among the musians and singers. OUTSTANDING!

As always, E.T. Swing's The Thing band and the sit-in musicians put on a fabulous show. Lots of dancing (more than I've ever seen before).

We had special appearances by our own Lori Gill, Roland Flemming, James Whitfield, Marge Ordway, Joyce Lundgren, Robbie Moore, Jamie Lee, and a slam-dunk performance of At Last by Kary Adams that not only packed the dance floor but brought the crowd to their feet.

One of our high school student recipients of a Band Camp Scholarship has made a few appearances now. Rhys (pronounced "Reese") Bennett plays the baritone sax. His talent is awesome, and he's not only getting the benefit of the camp, but also working live with our musicians. He takes his cues right on time and creates some great jazz runs. His passion sure shines when he performs for us! KEEP COMING! Watch for his bio and photo on the Musician's page soon.

We were all looking forward to the return of musician and singer James Whitfield to the E. T. Swing's The Thing Band after a long medical absence. James looks great, sounded better than ever, and is just, simply put, an inspiration to all of us to have such a positive attitude after all that he has been through over the past several months. We especially want to thank those musicians who took their time to volunteer music performances at the rehab center, including James in the shows: Jame Lee, Roland Flemming, Eddie Trester. I'm sure it not only made a big difference to James' encouragement, but served as a special treat to other patients and the staff. Way to go!!!

Please be sure to check out our Musician's page for a bio of Bill Prince. What a shocker to read how many famous bands and singers he has played for. His web site is listed so you can read more.

Winners of our raffle of $40 each were Marge Ordway and Elise Nevel. Thank you Elise for the donation back to the SAJS.

There will be no monthly meeting in August, but there WILL be a Jazz Jam. More information on that later.

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GREAT NEWS! We are currently in the process of uploading the many, many pictures all of you have turned in to me for the events we have had!!! There is now a new category tab added at the top for the pictures. It will be easy to access each event by category folder. This will be an exciting, fun page to share with all your friends. Use it to encourage others to come and share in the party atmosphere our planners provide for us.

UPDATE 7/28/14: I have completed the task of resizing over 150 pictures from Mardi Gras, Easter, and yesterday's Jazz Jams. I have uploaded them into DROPBOX. For those of you not familiar with this, it's like a cloud in the sky that you put the pictures in, and our Goddess Cheryl (from Sequoia Web designs) plucks them out like stars and moves them onto our page. Hopefully this task will be completed within a few short days, so check back. There may seem to be some duplicates, but I noticed in some pics, I took a 2nd one where different people were facing me. Let's face it, we all like to see ourselves, and I didn't want to leave anyone out.

Musicians Schedule

Find Where Your Favorite Musicians & Singers Are Performing Throughout Our Great Town

Lee & Sally Quick

9/19 Club 727 @ European Village with Pat D'Aguanno, 7:30-10:30

Rolland Flemming Connection

Tempo, Sunday, 8/31, 3:30-7:00 p.m., Roland and Bill Glenn on sax, clarinet & vocals

9/26 Reef w/Al Waters, tenor sax & flute (former member of Ray Charles Band) 6:30-10

10/10 Reef 6:30-10 w/Al Waters, tenor sax & flute 6:30-10

10/11 Club 727 @ European Village, Al Waters, tenor sax & Flute, Bobby Banks, drums,7:20-10:30

10/17 Stogies, Bobby Banks, drums, Greg Wier, sax & flute, 9-12:30


Jamie Lee at the Piano

9/6 Moultrie Creek 10:30

9/7 Windsor 2:00

9/8 Princeton Village 1:30

9/10 Windsor 2:00-3:00

9/12 Golden House, P.C. 1:00

9/12 Pineda Wedding

9/26 Golden House, P.C. 10:00

9/26 Magnolia Manor 1:00

9/27 Moultrie Creek 10:30

11/14 Hammock Country Club 6-9

11/29 Hammock Country Club 6-9

12/5 Hammock Country Club 6-9

E.T. Swing's The Thing

9/4 Allegro 7:30 for EMMA. Dixieland Jazz Salute to New Orleans Jazz with Lori Gill on vocals. Reservations required, limited seating, call after 8/22. 904-461-9100

Lee & Witt

9/10 Windsor 3:00-4:00

9/3 Las Palmas 3:15

Linda Cole

9/5 Club 727 European Village, 7:00

9/18 Amici's, 7:00

10/3 Club 727 European Village, 7:00

10/24 Club 727 European Village, 7:00

Boston Connection

(watch for schedule to resume in October)

Every Thursday, Panama Hatties 4:30

(watch for schedule to resume in October)

Every Tuesday, Black Cloud - Big Band

 E.T. Swing's The Thing

(watch for schedule to resume in October)

Every Wednesday, Oasis 5:00-8:00

March 30, 2014 UNF Jazz Ensemble to perform

March 30, 2014 we are featuring the UNF Jazz Ensemble band at our next Jazz Jam, at Royal St. Augustine, 2:00-6:00

Monthly Meeting of SAJS

  • 1st Monday of every month unless posted otherwise
  • 7 PM at St. Augustine Beach City Hall
  • Building across from the Police Station located at the corner of 16th St and A1A South.



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